First meeting: in Spain

On Monday we started with the Planned activities. We got to know each other. The Companies presented their towns, cities and their companies. In the afternoon one of the students group created the LOGO of our Project and the other ones – stall for the market. Tuesday was the market day, while some of the students were selling all of our products, the other international groups studied the Spanish market anf tried to find out what type of shop is more sustainable. In the afternoon students attended a “Speech on Etiquette”, were other countries learned specifics of Spanish etiqette. On Wednesday all groups visited a sustainable Company “ALTRAPOLAB” where the students took part in a workshop and became dress designers for one day. Thursday , the intenational groups were divided into three groups, some of them attended a Spanish lessons, some enjoyed “the Sweeney Todd Scape Room” and the third group made the final report of the whole weeks project work.

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